Social Turtles Marketing provides project management for your digital marketing needs. With hand-picked digital marketing experts, we help you strategize, create and implement your digital marketing campaigns. The project manager works directly with the client to focus on strategizing and tracking the campaign.

Strategy | Creation | Implementation | Tracking
Require the client be there for strategy and tracking

Digital Marketing Development

  • Melodie Tao

Brand Development

  • April Jack

Digital Copywriting

  • Jeremy Pollock
  • Corey Ann Seldon

Web Development

  • John San Pedro
  • Laurel Roma
  • Paula Sage (LinkedIn Contact)

Social Media Marketing Management

  • Myself
  • Anne

Digital Advertising

  • Dan Harris

Video Marketing

  • Ryan Hakoda
  • Randy Gervacio

Direct Mail

  • Cristi Lorentz
  • CPP Printing