Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. – R. Satoro

You’re viewing this page because we’ve been thinking about you and we think we may be able to work together!

What does it mean to affiliate with Social Turtles Marketing?

  • White Labelling: Basically, we’ll be white labelling your services as ours. A white label product is a product or service produced by one company (the producer – you) that other companies (the marketers – us) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.
  • Represent Social Turtles Marketing: When a client is ready to move forward with your services, we ask that you represent our company whenever you’re in communication with the client. We want to be able to work in unison in front of the client and focus on their needs. If you have additional services you’d like to recommend to the client, please discuss it with us first.
  • Project Management: When we have a client in need of your services, we’ll ask you to submit all documents appropriate to the project (i.e. proposals, contracts, fliers) to us so we can add it to our master document. We want to make it easy for the client to have one main point of contact as much as possible. We also ask that you include us in all communication with the client such as conference calls, emails, etc. This will help us stay on the same page with everyone.
  • Compensation: We’ll typically mark up your services by 15-30 percent for the client. Once transaction is complete, we’ll pay your proposed price and we’ll take the difference.
  • Let’s Learn Together: We’re all independent contractors and we specifically chose you because we value your unique expertise. We hope that this can be a reciprocal partnership of learning from one another!


When I won a bunch of books at a White Elephant Party last Christmas! :)

When I won a bunch of books at a White Elephant Party last Christmas!

Hello! Jen here. 🙂

You’re reading this message because I’ve been thinking about you professionally and think it’s time that we collaborate! Call me a people pleaser, but it always pains me when a client asks for a service that I currently don’t provide. But I find myself getting more and more confident as I continuously build my network of digital marketing experts.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I need you. It’s always been easier for me to speak highly others’ expertise than it is for me to promote my own (don’t worry, good faith and therapy is helping me work through this!). But putting my self-esteem issues aside (Lol), I love bringing people together for a common goal. And since my team captain and varsity days back in high school (cross country and track & field) and other leadership positions that followed after, I’ve come to find a passion in managing teams.

With that said, I invite to you to collaborate with Social Turtles Marketing and our network of digital marketing experts!

Simply let me know that you’re on board by emailing me at or call/text me at (619) 621-8766 (I tend to respond faster via text).

I look forward to having a fruitful partnership!

Jen Amos