On November 4th, Jen Amos presented her case study, The Filipino American Woman (TFAW) Project, and how businesses can utilize Facebook Live to gain organic exposure.

The TFAW Project is a movement dedicated to women in America of Filipino descent. Together, they define what it means to be a Filipino-American woman by telling their stories through Facebook Live and upcoming book.

Since it began in early January 2017*, the TFAW Project Facebook Live show has…

  • been shared 280+ times
  • engaged with 1,300+ comments
  • received 3,300+ video likes
  • reached 71,000+ unique users
  • surpassed 124,000+ total impressions
  • accomplished these insights with only 25 Facebook Live episodes!
  • *Insights last updated on November 4th, 2017

Off of Facebook Live the project…

They’ve also been featured on…

San Diego Social Media Conference