It occurred to Jen Amos that despite her involvement in community organizations and events that celebrated her Filipino and American identities, she needed something more.

“As a Filipino American woman, I’ve been told to be or do many things: Be American. Be Filipino. Know your history. Speak Filipino. Know your family roots. Don’t ask questions. Visit the Philippines more often. Lighten my skin. Lose weight. Get a stable job. …On and on and on. All of these kind, good intentioned suggestions and not once was I told, ‘Just be who you are. You are enough,’” she says. “With The Filipino American Woman Project, we celebrate the Filipino American women as they already are. Our underlying message is: You are enough, and we want to celebrate you by sharing your story.”

She started The Filipino American Woman Project last year through her online marketing agency, Social Turtles, and uses Facebook Live to broadcast the show with interviews featuring other women who identify as Filipino and American. After looking online to learn more about the history of women like her, who came before her, and coming up mostly empty, she decided to have women speak for themselves on what it means to be part of this community.

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