Invest 1 hour with us and you’ll be marketing your way to success immediately.

We work with many businesses on an ongoing basis to ensure their marketing efforts are successful. Sometimes a full marketing program isn’t right for everyone. If you can relate to any of the following, then our Focused Strategic Marketing Hour is perfect for you:

  • You are a busy professional who is limited on time so you only want to work on a few specific marketing objectives to reach your goals.
  • You are a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur and you’re just getting started so you have a limited budget.
  • You are overwhelmed with the abundance of marketing and social media opportunities so you want clarity on what will work before making a bigger investment.

Here’s what to expect:

The agenda is completely dictated by you. Working with us will help you focus in on your biggest challenges and figure out how to invest your marketing time wisely. You will receive specific action items to implement immediately to help market your business.

Here’s how to prepare for our session to ensure you get the most out of your investment:

Before our session, you will fill out our Focused Marketing Questions form. This requires you to take inventory of all your marketing efforts and clarify what you need so we can help you start marketing your way to success! This also allows us to customize our Focused Strategic Marketing Hour for your business.

We typically do our session virtually and ask that you are prepared with your computer and a reliable Internet. Doing our session on the computer allows us to record the session for your reference.

Here’s how to ensure our session is a success:

You will receive a follow up email from us within 24 hours of our session with action items to implement immediately. It’s extremely important that you make time in your schedule the same week we meet to execute what we discussed. We will make sure you have set time in your calendar to work on your new marketing initiatives.

BONUS: You will also have access to us via email for 1 full week after our session to ask us additional questions and have us review your work.

Investment: $350


Our work hours vary because we work with a global team of digital marketing experts. Some of us work in different time zones, odd hours, or both. The fastest way to contact us is via direct messaging or by leaving a voice message to (619) 621-8766 or email Anne at