Facebook Live Streaming

Is your dream venue too small to accommodate all the amazing people in your life? Need someone dedicated to live streaming your important event for friends and family that cannot attend in person? Let Social Turtles livestream life’s most important events! In a nutshell, here are the services we offer:


  • Discovery Call – Please schedule a discovery call with us first so we can tailor our services for your special event. You can also refer your event coordinator, videographer or photographer to speak with us.
  • Social Media Kit – To promote your important event and instructions for your viewers to prepare for your Facebook Live streaming.


  • Covering the Event – Having our camera in the best position for your viewers to have shared experiences with those in person. This also includes commentating for them and engaging with their reactions.
  • Troubleshooting – Monitoring the Internet connection and responding accordingly should we lose connection. Because let’s face it, it’s Live and it’s going to happen.


  • Repurpose Video – Upload on YouTube. Provide you the raw video download for you to keep or to have our videographers edit.
  • Transcribe Video – We’ll provide a transcription of the whole live event for you to keep or have our editing team repurpose for articles, blogs, etc.

*These services are optional and require additional pricing.


  • TBD – This is our hourly fee for being at your live event. This also comes with complimentary services:
    • “Before The Event” Services
    • An assistant for the day of the event

Although we can provide all the services mentioned above, sometimes not all the services are necessary. Please schedule a discovery call with us first so we can tailor our services for your special event.


What we will be bringing with us to your event:

  • Macbook Air
  • Ring light – this this great for sit-down events such as panels, interviews, etc.
  • HD Camera and/or fish eye lens
  • iPhone
  • iPad Mini
  • Extension cord
  • Chargers for electronics
  • Tripod/Selfie Stick
  • 4G Data – Or our own Hotspot – but better to have working Wi-Fi
  • Sit-down shows – Overlay & Commercials for downtime
  • Mic
  • Most importantly, a professional who’s going to be dedicated to entertaining your livestream audience. 🙂