“Social media sparks a revelation that we, the people, have a voice, and through the democratization of content and ideas we can once again unite around common passions, inspire movements, and ignite change.” – Brian Solis 

The heart of Social Turtles Marketing has been and will continue to be social media management. Here’s what our Social Media Management Package includes:

  1. Content Creation & Curation – Creating, repurposing and curating content that’s in alignment with your strategy and appropriate for social media.
  2. Content Calendars & Scheduling – Organizing your finalized content to effectively promote your message and uploading content to the appropriate scheduling queue.
  3. Social Media Engagement Automation – Strategically automate social media engagement such as Facebook Instant Replies, Direct Messaging new Twitter followers a free giveaway, etc.
  4. Active Social Media Engagement – Social Media Engagement in real-time. Our team will commit to a specific time to engage with a given social media audience.

Our Pricing Packages

Flat Fees for Social Media Management Services No. 1-3 (Mentioned Above)

  • $500/month for the execution of one strategy for one brand
    • For example – One strategy would be to drive traffic to a website. This can require the work of 1-3 social media platforms working together to drive traffic to the website.
  • $850/month for the execution of two strategies for one brand
    • For example – One strategy is to use social media to drive traffic to a website. The second strategy to be to grow your Instagram following. These would be considered two different strategies for one brand.
  • $1000/month for the executive of three strategies for one brand

Hourly Fees for Active Social Media Engagement Service No. 4 (Mentioned Above)

  • $15/hour for one strategy
  • $30/hour for two strategies
  • $45/hour for three strategies

In order for us to work best with you, we require the following:

  • Clear Digital Marketing Strategy: We focus on creating, implementing & managing – NOT strategizing. We’re here to take after your lead. Click here to learn more about our strategy sessions.
  • Branding Material: Provide branding materials such as the client’s logo, brand color codes, brand fonts, brand images, brand copy. Also, we’d appreciate easy access to branding materials via Google Drive or Dropbox. Email us to learn more about our branding services.
  • Lead Capture Page: Does the client have a system/website set up to capture leads or email subscriptions? Do they already have a website? If not, email us to inquire about our web development services.

Disclaimer: Prices and services availability are subject to change without notice. Email us for current prices.