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Social Turtles Marketing is a digital marketing firm that helps small businesses achieve the following goals online:

  • Increase exposure of your brand
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Get insight in the marketplace
  • Develop loyal fans
  • Generate leads
  • Improve search rankings
  • Grow business partnerships
  • Reduce marketing expenses
  • Improve sales

We serve our clients by providing the following services:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Design & SEO
  • Graphic Design

Why “Social Turtles?”

Two of the most trusted forms of advertising are (1) recommendations from people we know and (2) consumer opinions posted online. Social Turtles Marketing helps clients establish “know, like & trust” with their customer base through online platforms. “Social” is how we tend to trust and take recommendations from those we socialize with. As “turtles,” we believe that being consistent with our client relationships leads to the longevity of a company. “Social Turtles” put together means: Long-term relationships equates to a long-term business.

get social.

Meet the Founder


Jen Amos likes to describe herself as a simple solopreneur and social media enthusiast. She has been in social media industry for over 12 years, starting off as a blogger in 2002. In 2008, Jen started to implement social media marketing campaigns for nonprofits and small businesses. Jen graduated San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s in Journalism emphasis Public Relations. Social Turtles Marketing officially began in March 2013 when she saw the demand for social media marketing services amongst her business networking colleagues.

Today, Jen Amos has been featured in local media outlets such as The Living East,, and Our Hometown Magazine. May 2014, she was the keynote speaker for the SDSU Filipino Graduation Ceremony. Jen recently a recipient of the Emerging Leader Award at the Philippine Library & Historical Heritage Museum’s Fiesta Filipiniana 2015.

Jen Amos is a proud long-time resident of Chula Vista, CA. She exclusively networks in Chula Vista with organizations such as the Welcoming Services Professional Network, Eastlake Business Association, and the South Bay San Diego Leads Club. Outside of business, Jen enjoys working out at her local CrossFit Gym and running Spartan Races. She enjoys listening to podcasts regarding social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and her favorite TV shows. She also enjoys taking care of her two pet turtles, the inspirations behind Social Turtles Marketing. Connect with Jen Amos today at

When you think social media, think Social Turtles!

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